Vitamin D3 5000 IU (360 Softgels) – High Potency Vitamin D Supplements for Healthy Immune Function, Bones & Muscles… Price: $10.39 (as of 26/02/2021 22:49 PST- Details)

High Potency Vitamin D3 – Getting adequate vit D can be challenging, which is why our vitamin D supplement provides 5,000 IU per softgel in a small, easy-to-swallow softgel that your body can easily absorb.*
Helps Maintain Healthy Bones, Teeth, And Muscle Function* – The many roles of vitamin D often go unnoticed. Vitamin D 5000 IU helps your body absorb calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth, and it’s even been shown to maintain muscle function.*
Provides Immune System Support* – Pair our vitamin D softgels with Viva Naturals Vitamin C and you have a dynamic duo for immune support*—all year round! Like vitamin C, Vit D3 5000 IU supports a healthy immune response to keep your system in tip top shape.*

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