Namastay in Bed Natural Sleep Aid Supplement – Total Sleep Cycle Support – Non-Groggy, Non-Addictive Herbal Sleeping… Price: $18.95 (as of 14/06/2021 14:32 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

SUPERIOR, NATURAL & SYNERGYSTIC – FALL ASLEEP, STAY ASLEEP, AWAKEN AMAZED – GUARANTEED…If Mother Nature couldn’t sleep, this is what she’d make. No other herbal sleep aid compares. We hand select every herb for purity, potency and safety, then meticulously combine each EFFECTIVE dose for a SYNERGYSTIC effect that’s more POWERFUL than taking each herb individually. Simply put, it NURTURES YOU TO SLEEP FAST or your MONEY BACK.
KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE – NON-GROGGY, NON-ADDICTIVE: While most sleeping supplements knock you out cold, rendering you helpless to aid your family in times of need, our proprietary natural sleeping pills GENTLY ease your brain into a normalized sleep cycle, so you catch the zzzz’s you need without worrying about letting your loved ones down.
HOW IT WORKS – THE SCIENCE: Antioxidant apigenin binds to brain receptors, promoting relief from nervousness, insomnia and stress. L-TeaActive L-Theanine supports dopamine and serotonin release so you FEEL CALM. Melatonin signals sleep-wake cycle in brains sleep center. Honokiol compounds from Magnolia bark promotes GABA receptors for sleepiness when you need it most. Hops nervine and sedative properties support brains efforts against continued anxiety and stress-related illnesses.