Herbzilla Organic Lion’s Mane Whole Mushroom, Fruiting Body Extract Blend, 20:1 Dual Extracts, No Alcohol, β-D-Glucans…

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Whole Mushroom & High Levels of β-D-Glucans – Herbzilla Lion’s Mane Extract Blend of the whole fruiting body along with mycelium powder helps you experience optimal benefits of the whole lion’s mane mushroom.* Each serving delivers high dose (2200 mg) of 20:1 extract of 100% non-GMO, organic mushrooms. Herbzilla Lion’s Mane has measured levels of β-D-Glucans and α-Glucans (β-D-Glucans > 25 %; α-Glucans
Alcohol Free & Enhanced Absorption – We also use dual extract method to give you the benefits of every aspect of the lion’s mane mushroom’s ingredients (with alcohol removed from the final product).* Black Pepper Extract is added to enhance absorption for optimal results.*
Healthy Nervous & Immune Systems* – This organic wellness formula helps support cognitive function and immune system, increase energy level and memory retention, clear mental fog, and reduce stress & fatigue.* Lion’s mane is the natural and easy way to nourish your mind and body.*

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