AceFox Stand Infrared Heat Lamp with Water Injection Base, Adjustable Heat and Flexible Arm, Used for Physiotherapy… Price: $74.99 (as of 14/06/2021 14:34 PST- Details)

【Sturdy Base】: The base is designed to be filled with water, sand or other thing, which avoids unstable standing caused by the angle of the lamp head. The wheels can be removed according to your needs.
【Safety Design】: The outside of the bulb has a lampshade and a stainless steel mesh. The lampshade has a number of small holes that allow heat to convect, preventing people from accidentally touching the bulb and being burnt.This lamp is easy to assemble and use, you can use the right time and frequency according to your needs.
【Adjustable Heat and Time】: The rotary button can adjust the temperature and time that suits you best. According to actual needs, the maximum can reach 275 W.

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